Down South

Down South

Well, since eBay and Amazon won't let us sell anything that remotely resembles any kind of Southern style, we've decided to add a Catagorie for all of our Down South Redneck friends. Nobody at Pit Stop Shirt Shop is raceist or hatefull and we love the Southern Hospitality and "All" the Wonderful People in the South. We hope you have a sense of humour and enjoy these awesome t-shirts. Thank You and God Bless Everyone!

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Bad Ass Boy
Just a Bad Ass Redneck Boy and his Wild Confederate Flag painted Monster Truck. Graphic is professio..
Bitches and Bones
Life ain't nothing but Bitches and Bones. This Pit Bull Junkyard Dog has the Life. Graphic is profes..
Haulin' Ass
Haulin' Ass in a Classic Chevrolet Pickup Truck. Life doesn't get any better than this in the South...
Hug A Redneck
Hug a Redneck. We ain't as Bad as you'all think! Get this funny redneck t-shirt and spread the Love!..
Kiss My Rebel
If you don't like my Flag, you can Kiss My Rebel Ass! This funny Confederate Flag t-shirt is sure to..
Live Free or Die
LIve Free or Die. The second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantee..
Mud Flyin'
If the Mud ain't Flyin' you ain't tryin'! Party Down SouthGood times ATV Riding Muddin' Fun Confeder..
My Gun Permit
This is my Gun Permit. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Graphi..
Old Skull Rebel
Old School Rebel Rider. 100% Road Ready. Graphic is professionally applied to a High Quality 100% pr..
Rebel Flag
The Confederate Flag, Stars and Bars. A symbol of Southern Tradition and Hospitality. It's about Her..
Rebel Greaser
Rebel Greaser Low Rider, reminiscent of the 50's this Rockabilly Hot Rod t-shirt features some Cool ..
If you ain't Redneck, You ain't Sheeit! Funny Souther redneck t-shirt. Graphic is professionally app..
Redneck Beef Cake
He's a big boy and he likes his beer. A real Redneck Beefcake Southern boy. Graphic is professionall..
Redneck of the Year
Redneck of the Year! Graphic is professionally applied to a High Quality 100% pre-shrunk heavyweight..
Redneck Trucker
Good ole Boys Have Bad Ass Toys. Graphic is professionally applied to a High Quality 100% pre-shrunk..

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